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Electric Vehicle Club

Teamwork. Education. Legacy.

About Electric Vehicle Club

Electric vehicle club is an undergraduate student organization at Purdue University that is focused on providing students with hands-on engineering experience through electric vehicle design projects. We are a multi-faceted organization with a variety of projects available to appeal to a wide range of student interests. Our flagship event is the EV Grand Prix, which is hosted by Purdue University each April. We are a competitive team in this event and are proud to have a history of championship titles, including this past season after returning from a several-year hiatus. We are motivated and excited by the work we do and can’t wait to continue growing our organization to take on increasingly more difficult challenges and providing our opportunities to as many students as we can! Check out our Instagram to see our latest activities!

Electric Vehicle Club 2023
Electric Vehicle Club Education
Electric Vehicle Club Teamwork
Electric Vehicle Club Celebration
Electric Vehicle Club Lab
Electric Vehicle Club Go Kart
Electric Vehicle Design
EV Grand Prix
Electric Go Karts
Electric Vehicle Club Lab
Electric Motorcycle Project
Electric Go Kart Racing
Finish Line
Electric Vehicle Racing

“We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide opportunity to all members regardless of skill level or background.

- Matthew Kane, President 2023-2024

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